Workshops for Musicians

Workshop: Sitting with more Ease.  Click Here for more info.

Sitting with more Ease Monday, July 6th, 2015

Sitting with more Ease

Where can musicians go to learn to feel better in their body and movements? Find more freedom, and yet more security with their instrument? And improve their presence on stage?

Colin Pip Dixon gives workshops using the Feldenkrais Method®, specifically addressing musicians’ needs and questions. He also gives individual, hands-on sessions. His journey as a violinist (performing both in concert and in the theatre) has led him to understand that awareness and adaptability are among the most important skills a musician can develop. Feldenkrais’s method combines the intelligence and precision of the scientist with the freedom and playfulness of the artist.

The lessons consist of simple guided movements which help to bring more freedom in the body, but also teach how to learn more efficiently and overcome difficulties. Through his own personal experience Colin has developed specific applications of this work for instrumentalists, singers and actors. There are no ready-made recipes, but there are principles which can have extraordinary results immediately and over a lifetime when they are practiced and integrated.

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