Sunday April 27 from 2 – 4:30 pm
free for FGNA members
Feldenkrais for Musicians
with Colin Pip Dixon, professional violinist and Feldenkrais Practitioner 
Working with musicians can be extremely rewarding since the effects can not only be seen but also heard. Musicians often have a highly developed capacity for inner-listening and a unique way of focusing. When something works well they are often quick to understand its usefulness. At the same time musicians have fine-tuned movement skills which, when shifted in any way, usually make the musician feel insecure and uneasy. What are the underlying principles of ATM and FI that can be directly applied to how a musician works and thinks about music making? How can we build the bridge that helps musicians discover the transformative potential of the Feldenkrais Method as applied to performance anxiety, developing stage presence, making technique more one’s own, dealing with difficult auditions or competition situations, teaching…etc.
Colin will be sharing his personal experiences using Feldenkrais as a musician working with other musicians, in Europe and the US. He completed his FM training with Myriam Pfeffer at the Paris International in 2007. 



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