feldnekrais workshop paris

feldnekrais workshop paris

Sound is the foundation of music. Each musician has his/her own sound, and the ability to mold one’s sound is essential for expression and technique. When we have the feeling of “losing” one’s sound because of a change with the instrument, the acoustics, our physical state, or for other reasons, it’s very unsettling. When our sound doesn’t have enough body or loses its center we often feel a sense of fragility or anxiety. Is there a way to find a sound which grounds us no matter what external circumstances may be? Many musicians play from the upper part of their body and from their extremities (the head, the mouth, hands, shoulders, fingers, etc.) We often forget the importance of our legs, our feet, our pelvis.  Do we give ourselves permission to fully exist in our entire body? Sometimes from modesty or because of certain habits or unconsciousness we forget that our bodies are our first resonance chamber. When the entire body is free to vibrate, the sound becomes more stable, more resonant, more malleable and freer.


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