After having prepared a certain amount of time for a concert, an audition or a competition, etc. the important day comes along and we suddenly have many new sensations which can disturb or inspire. We are often left with the big question “What is the best way to spend the day in order to be in shape and be able to give the best of myself?” Is it better to practice a lot or not to practice? And how? How do we spend our time in the wings or warm-up room? Are there movements or “exercises” that we can do to help us to be ready physically and mentally? The way we spend that important day can truly influence our playing and our music. Sometimes there are superstitions or rituals which help us more or less, but often we become prisoners of them. It’s a vast subject in which each musician finds more or less his/her own solutions. Let’s take a day to share and advance on this question together. Practically speaking, we will explore several short Feldenkrais lessons which will be easy to do again when you are alone later. These lessons will be recorded so that you can continue your evolution at home and have some support material to help you to be ready on the important day.


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