C.P.Dixon in "La Première Seconde" photo by Philippe Brame

C.P.Dixon in “La Première Seconde” photo by Philippe Brame

Feeling fear over performing is a profoundly human reaction and often comes up in situations which feel “dangerous” (playing in front of an audience, auditions, competitions…). This “feeling” can possibly give you a rush of creative energy or can diminish us in our abilities and keep us from playing as we wish. Often we try to “deal with” or “re-direct”, or even “get rid of” it. Yet many great artists claim that performance anxiety accompanies them through-out their career. So perhaps the question isn’t so much how to get rid of it but rather to know those feelings better and to discover how we react and function in order to find our marks and be able to know what we can rely on in any situation.


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