Individual lessons (called “FI Lessons” – Functional Integration) last generally about an hour.

Individual Lesson

Individual Lesson

Most often the student lies on a table and the Feldenkrais Teacher works through touch and through movement using his hands, allowing the student to find a new way of “being” and new ways of moving that are more in accord with the structure of the body and the student’s actions. These lessons can be an excellent complement to the group lessons. Where the group lessons allow the student to discover through his/her own process of trial and error, the individual lesson often gives the student a new experience of their body and movements showing them new possibilities of acting and being. These lessons can also be a more intensive way of dealing with questions in a more personalized way.

Anyone can take a lesson, no prior knowledge of Feldenkrais is necessary. The lesson is tailored to the individual need and can work with questions such as:  back pain, breathing, relaxation and comfort, performance anxiety, posture, finding more freedom with one’s instrument or voice, etc.

Individual Lesson

Individual Lesson

Colin also gives violin lessons from a “Feldenkrais” perspective, dealing with questions of movement and the body in relationship to the violin, or working on performance anxiety or preparing auditions.


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